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The official flag of Scania, one of Sweden's traditional provinces, is a banner of arms.

A banner of arms is a flag, which has the same image as a coat of arms, i.e. the shield of a full heraldic achievement, rendered in the rectangular shape of the flag.[1] It can thus be compared with the heraldic flag but it is not only used ceremoniously but may be used e.g. as a national flag.

The term is derived from the terminology of heraldry but mostly used in vexillology. Examples of modern national flags which are banners of arms are the flags of Austria, Iraq, and Switzerland.

The banner of arms is sometimes simply called a banner, but a banner is in a more strict sense a one of a kind personal flag of a nobleman held in battle.[2][3]


National flags[edit]

Country Flag Coat of arms which the flag is derived from
Austria Flag of Austria.svg Coat of arms of Austria.svg
Flag of Austria Coat of arms of Austria
Greece Flag of Greece (1822-1978).svg Coat of arms of Greece.svg
Flag of Greece (heraldic and historical) Coat of arms of Greece
Iraq Flag of Iraq.svg Coat of arms (emblem) of Iraq 2008.svg
Flag of Iraq Coat of arms of Iraq
Kiribati Flag of Kiribati.svg Coat of arms of Kiribati.svg
National flag and ensign Flag of Kiribati Coat of arms of Kiribati
Luxembourg Civil Ensign of Luxembourg.svg Coat of arms of Luxembourg (Lesser).svg
National ensign Flag of Luxembourg for use at sea Lesser coat of arms of Luxembourg
Malta Flag of Malta.svg Coat of arms of Malta.svg
National flag, war ensign Flag of Malta Coat of arms of Malta
Monaco Lozenge flag of Monaco.svg Coat of arms of Monaco.svg
Flag of Monaco (alternative) Coat of arms of Monaco
Namibia Flag of Namibia.svg Coat of arms of Namibia.svg
National flag and ensign Flag of Namibia Coat of arms of Namibia
Portugal PortugueseFlag1485.svg Coat of arms of Portugal.svg
Flag of Portugal (heraldic and historical) Coat of arms of Portugal
Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.svg Coat of Arms of Switzerland (Pantone).svg
Flag of Switzerland Coat of arms of Switzerland
United Kingdom Royal Standard of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom in Scotland.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Scotland).svg
Royal Standard of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland

Subdivision flags[edit]

Subdivision Flag Coat of arms which the flag is derived from
Aquitaine Flag of Aquitaine.svg Blason de l'Aquitaine et de la Guyenne.svg
Flag of Aquitaine Coat of arms of Aquitaine
Alsace Flag of Alsace.svg Blason région fr Alsace.svg
Flag of Alsace Coat of arms of Alsace
British Columbia Flag of British Columbia.svg Coat of Arms of British Columbia.png
Flag of British Columbia Coat of arms of British Columbia
Burgundy Flag of Bourgogne.svg Blason fr Bourgogne.svg
Flag of Burgundy Coat of arms of Burgundy
Castile and León Flag of Castile and León.svg Coat of Arms of Castile and Leon.svg
Flag of Castile and León Coat of arms of Castile and León
Castile-La Mancha Flag of Castile-La Mancha.svg Coat of Arms of Castile-La Mancha.svg
Flag of Castile-La Mancha Coat of arms of Castile-La Mancha
Corsica Flag of Corsica.svg Arms of Corsica.svg
Flag of Corsica Coat of arms of Corsica
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Flag of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.svg Large Coat of Arms of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.svg
Flag of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Coat of arms of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
England Royal Banner of England.svg Royal Arms of England (1198-1340).svg
Royal Banner of England Royal Arms of England
Flanders Flag of Flanders.svg Arms of Flanders.svg
Flag of Flanders Coat of arms of Flanders
Franche-Comté Flag of Franche-Comté.svg Blason fr Franche-Comté.svg
Flag of Franche-Comté Coat of arms of Franche-Comté
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Flag of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Coat of arms of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Jämtland Flag of Jamtland lan.png Jämtland vapen.svg
Flag of Jämtland Coat of arms of Jämtland
Madeira Flag of Madeira.svg Coat of arms of Madeira.gif
Flag of Madeira Coat of arms of Madeira
Maryland Flag of Maryland.svg Seal of Maryland (reverse).svg
Flag of Maryland Coat of arms of Maryland
Midi-Pyrénées (Occitania, Languedoc) Flag of Midi-Pyrénées.svg Blason Languedoc.svg
Flag of Midi-Pyrénées Coat of arms of Midi-Pyrénées
Murcia (Region) Flag of the Region of Murcia.svg Coat of Arms of the Spanish Region of Murcia.svg
Flag of Region of Murcia Coat of arms of Region of Murcia
Navarre Bandera Navarra.svg Escudo de Navarra (oficial).svg
Flag of Navarre (historical) Coat of arms of Navarre
New Brunswick Flag of New Brunswick.svg NewBrunswick CoatOfArms.png
Flag of New Brunswick Coat of arms of New Brunswick
Nova Scotia Flag of Nova Scotia.svg Coat of arms of Nova Scotia.svg
Flag of Nova Scotia Coat of arms of Nova Scotia
Picardy Flag of Picardie.svg Blason région fr Picardie.svg
Flag of Picardy Coat of arms of Picardy
Prince Edward Island Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg
Flag of Prince Edward Island Coat of arms of Prince Edward Island
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Flag of Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur.svg Blason région fr Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.svg
Flag of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Coat of arms of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Savoy Savoie flag.svg Blason duche fr Savoie.svg
Flag of Savoy Coat of arms of Savoy
Scania Flag of Scania.png Skåne vapen.svg
Flag of Scania Coat of arms of Scania
Scotland Banner of the King of Scots.svg Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg
Royal Standard of Scotland Royal coat of arms of Scotland
Sicily Sicilian Flag.svg Coat of arms of Sicily.svg
Flag of Sicily Coat of arms of Sicily
Ternopil Oblast Flag of Ternopil Oblast.svg Coat of Arms of Ternopil Oblast.svg
Flag of Ternopil Oblast Coat of arms of Ternopil Oblast
Wales Flag of Wales 2.svg Royal Badge of Wales (1953).svg
Flag of Wales The 1953 Royal Badge of Wales
Wallonia Flag of Wallonia.svg Coat of arms of Wallonia (Belgium).svg
Flag of Wallonia Coat of arms of Wallonia

County flags[edit]

County Flag Coat of arms which the flag is derived from
Jönköping County Jönköpings län vapenflagga.svg Jönköpings läns vapen.png
Flag of Jönköping County Coat of arms of Jönköping County
Kalmar County Kalmar län vapenflagga.svg Kalmar län vapen.svg
Flag of Kalmar County Coat of arms of Kalmar County
Kronoberg County Kronobergs län vapenflagga.svg Kronoberg vapen.svg
Flag of Kronoberg County Coat of arms of Kronoberg County
Montgomery County, Maryland Flag of Montgomery County, Maryland.svg
Flag of Montgomery County, Maryland Coat of arms of Montgomery County, Maryland
Przemyśl County POL powiat przemyski flag.svg POL powiat przemyski COA.svg
Flag of Przemyśl County Coat of arms of Przemyśl County

City flags[edit]

City Flag Coat of arms which the flag is derived from
Aberdeen Flag of Aberdeen.gif Aberdeen-arms.png
Flag of Aberdeen Coat of arms of Aberdeen
Attard Flag of Attard.svg Attard coa.svg
Flag of Attard Coat of arms of Attard
Baarle-Hertog Baarle-Hertogvlag.png Coat of arms of Baarle-Hertog.jpg
Flag of Baarle-Hertog Coat of arms of Baarle-Hertog
Badia del Vallès Badia del Vallès Spain.svg Escut de Badia del Vallès.svg
Flag of Badia del Vallès Coat of arms of Badia del Vallès
Balzan Flag of Balzan.svg Balzan coa.svg
Flag of Balzan Coat of arms of Balzan
Barcelona Flag of Barcelona.svg Escut de Barcelona.svg
Flag of Barcelona Coat of arms of Barcelona
Batumi Flag of Batumi.svg Batumi COA.JPG
Flag of Batumi Coat of arms of Batumi
Belfast Flag of Belfast.svg Belfast City Coat of Arms.svg
Flag of Belfast Coat of arms of Belfast
Birkirkara BirkirkaraHTML.png BKara.jpg
Flag of Birkirkara Coat of arms of Birkirkara
Birmingham Flag of Birmingham.svg Coat of arms of Birmingham.svg
Flag of Birmingham Coat of arms of Birmingham
Blanes Bandera de Blanes.svg Escudo de Blanes.svg
Flag of Blanes Coat of arms of Blanes
Bruges Flag of Bruges.svg BEL COA Bruges.svg
Flag of Bruges Coat of arms of Bruges
Cáceres Bandera de Cáceres.svg Cáceres - Escudo.svg
Flag of Cáceres Coat of arms of Cáceres
Calders Bandera de Calders.svg Escut de Calders.svg
Flag of Calders Coat of arms of Calders
Cardiff Flag of Cardiff.svg Cardiffcoatofarms.JPG
Flag of Cardiff Coat of arms of Cardiff
Castellcir Bandera de Castellcir.svg Escut de Castellcir.svg
Flag of Castellcir Coat of arms of Castellcir
Castellterçol Bandera de Castellterçol.svg Escut de Castellterçol.svg
Flag of Castellterçol Coat of arms of Castellterçol
Cospicua BormlaHTML.gif
Flag of Cospicua Coat of arms of Cospicua
Dingli Flag of Dingli.svg Dingli coa.svg
Flag of Dingli Coat of arms of Dingli
Edinburgh City of Edinburgh flag.png
Flag of Edinburgh Coat of arms of Edinburgh
Fgura Flag of Il-Fgura.svg Fgura coa.svg
Flag of Fgura Coat of arms of Fgura
Florence Flag of Florence.svg FlorenceCoA.svg
Flag of Florence Coat of arms of Florence
Floriana Flag of Floriana, Malta.png Coat of arms of Floriana, Malta.JPG
Flag of Floriana Coat of arms of Floriana
Gallifa Bandera de Gallifa.svg Escut de Gallifa.svg
Flag of Gallifa Coat of arms of Gallifa
Genoa Flag of Genoa.svg Stemma di Genova.svg
Flag of Genoa Coat of arms of Genoa
Għarb Flag of Gharb.svg Gharb coa.svg
Flag of Għarb Coat of arms of Għarb
Għargħur GharghulSVG.svg Gharghur coa.svg
Flag of Għargħur Coat of arms of Għargħur
Għasri MLT Għasri COA.gif
Flag of Għasri Coat of arms of Għasri
Għaxaq Flag of Ghaxaq.svg Ghaxaq coa.svg
Flag of Għaxaq Coat of arms of Għaxaq
Ghent Vlag van Gent.svg Wapen van Gent.svg
Flag of Ghent Coat of arms of Ghent
Gudja Flag of Gudja.svg Gudia coa.svg
Flag of Gudja Coat of arms of Gudja
Hamburg Flag of Hamburg.svg Coat of arms of Hamburg.svg
Flag of Hamburg Coat of arms of Hamburg
Ħamrun Flag of Hamrun.svg Hamrun coa.svg
Flag of Ħamrun Coat of arms of Ħamrun
Iklin Flag of Iklin.svg Iklin coa.svg
Flag of Iklin Coat of arms of Iklin
Kiev Flag of Kyiv Kurovskyi.svg COA of Kyiv Kurovskyi.svg
Flag of Kiev Coat of arms of Kiev
La Jonquera Bandera de la Jonquera.svg Escut de la Jonquera.svg
Flag of La Jonquera Coat of arms of La Jonquera
London Flag of the City of London.svg Coat of Arms of The City of London.svg
Flag of London Coat of arms of London
Lyon Flag of Lyon.png Blason ville fr Lyon (Rhone).svg
Flag of Lyon Coat of arms of Lyon
Maastricht Flag of Maastricht.svg Wapen van Maastricht.svg
Flag of Maastricht Coat of arms of Maastricht
Magadan Flag Magadan, Russian Federation.svg Coat of Arms of Magadan.png
Flag of Magadan Coat of arms of Magadan
Marseille Flag of Marseille.svg Blason Marseille.svg
Flag of Marseille Coat of arms of Marseille
Mdina Flag of Mdina municipality, Malta.svg Mdina coa.svg
Flag of Mdina Coat of arms of Mdina
Milan Flag of Milan.svg CoA Città di Milano.svg
Flag of Milan Coat of arms of Milan
Minsk Flag of Minsk, Belarus.svg Coat of arms of Minsk.svg
Flag of Minsk Coat of arms of Minsk
Montcada i Reixac Bandera de Montcada i Reixac.svg Escut de Montcada i Reixac.svg
Flag of Montcada i Reixac Coat of arms of Montcada i Reixac
Montreal Flag of Montreal.svg Armoiries de Montréal.svg
Flag of Montreal Coat of arms of Montreal
Moscow Flag of Moscow.svg Coat of Arms of Moscow.svg
Flag of Moscow Coat of arms of Moscow
Parets del Vallès Bandera de Parets del Vallès.svg Escut de Parets del Vallès.svg
Flag of Parets del Vallès Coat of arms of Parets del Vallès
Przemyśl POL Przemyśl flag.svg POL Przemyśl COA.svg
Flag of Przemyśl Coat of arms of Przemyśl
Qormi Flag of Qormi.svg Qormi coa.svg
Flag of Qormi Coat of arms of Qormi
Rockville, Maryland Flag of Rockville, Maryland.svg
Flag of Rockville, Maryland Coat of arms of Rockville, Maryland
Saint Petersburg Flag of Saint Petersburg Russia.svg Coat of Arms of Saint Petersburg (2003).png
Flag of Saint Petersburg Coat of arms of Saint Petersburg
Santa Maria d'Oló Bandera de Santa Maria d'Oló.svg Escut de Santa Maria d'Oló.svg
Flag of Santa Maria d'Oló Coat of arms of Santa Maria d'Oló
Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Bandera de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda.svg Escut de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda.svg
Flag of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Coat of arms of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda
Sant Quirze Safaja Bandera de Sant Quirze Safaja.svg Escut de Sant Quirze Safaja.svg
Flag of Sant Quirze Safaja Coat of arms of Sant Quirze Safaja
Senglea IslaHTML.gif Isla coa.svg
Flag of Senglea Coat of arms of Senglea
Sentmenat Sentmenat Spain.svg Escut de Sentmenat.svg
Flag of Sentmenat Coat of arms of Sentmenat
Siġġiewi Flag of Siġġiewi.svg Coat of Arms of Siġġiewi, Malta.svg
Flag of Siġġiewi Coat of arms of Siġġiewi
Strasbourg Flag of Strasbourg.svg Greater coat of arms of Strasbourg.svg
Flag of Strasbourg Coat of arms of Strasbourg
Tagamanent Bandera de Tagamanent.svg Escut de Tagamanent.svg
Flag of Tagamanent Coat of arms of Tagamanent
Toulon Flag of Toulon.svg Armoiries ville fr Toulon (83).svg
Flag of Toulon Coat of arms of Toulon
Turku Flag of turku Finland-.svg Turku.vaakuna.svg
Flag of Turku Coat of arms of Turku
Ufa UfaFlag.svg Coat of arms of Ufa.svg
Flag of Ufa Coat of arms of Ufa
Utrecht Flag of Utrecht.svg Utrecht gemeente wapen.svg
Flag of Utrecht Coat of arms of Utrecht
Valletta Flag of Valletta, Malta.svg Valletta coa.svg
Flag of Valletta Coat of arms of Valletta
Vic Flag of Vic.svg Escut de Vic.svg
Flag of Vic Coat of arms of Vic
Vlissingen Vlissingen vlag.svg Vlissingen wapen.svg
Flag of Vlissingen Coat of arms of Vlissingen
Xagħra Flag of Xaghra.svg Coat of Arms of Xghara Local Council.svg
Flag of Xagħra Coat of arms of Xagħra
York Flag of York.svg York City Council.png
Flag of York Coat of arms of York
Zaragoza Bandera de Zaragoza.svg Escudo de Zaragoza.svg
Flag of Zaragoza Coat of arms of Zaragoza
Żebbuġ, Gozo Flag of Żebbuġ, Gozo.svg Zebbug Gozo coa.svg
Flag of Żebbuġ, Gozo Coat of arms of Żebbuġ, Gozo
Żebbuġ, Malta Zebbug.svg
Flag of Żebbuġ, Malta Coat of arms of Żebbuġ, Malta
Żejtun Zejtun flag.svg Zejtun coa.svg
Flag of Żejtun Coat of arms of Żejtun


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