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BANPU Public Company Limited
Traded as SETBANPU
Industry Energy
Founded May 16, 1983 (1983-05-16)[1]
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Key people
Krirkkrai Jirapate (Chairman of the board)
Products Coal, Electricity
Revenue Decrease ฿62,220 million (2010)[2]
Increase ฿19,804 million (2010)[2]
Total assets Increase฿185,752 million (2010)[2]
Total equity Increase฿61,984 million (2010)[2]

Banpu Public Company Limited is a mining and power company in Thailand. It has coal mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia and China, and coal-fired power generation operations in Thailand and China. Banpu plans also to invest in the Hong Sa lignite mine and power plant project in Laos.[3]

In Thailand, Banpu operates coal mines in Lampang and Phayao provinces, and has stakes in BLCP, a 1,434 MW coal-fired power plant at Map Ta Phut, and in RATCH, a 3,645 MW power plant in Ratchaburi Province. It has also has five coal mines in Indonesia and two in China.[4] Banpu agreed to buy Centennial Coal Co Ltd for USD 2 billion on Jul 05, 2010.[5]

The Hongsa Lignite project was founded by and belonged to Thai-Lao Lignite Co., Ltd. and Hongsa Lignite (Lao PDR) Co., Ltd. pursuant to a concession from 1992-1994. In 2005, Banpu entered into a joint venture with TLL and HLL to develop the project but this agreement was terminated in 2006. A UNCITRAL arbitration found that the Lao government illegally terminated TLL's and HLL's concession (awarding it to Banpu) and ordered Laos to pay US$57 million in damages plus interest. Laos is refusing to pay the award despite its clear agreement with TLL and HLL, its government policy for international arbitration, and despite participating fully.[citation needed]


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