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Banquet Records (formerly part of the Beggars Banquet Records chain) is an independent record shop in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. It stocks a broad range of music on both CD and vinyl but mainly specialises in new music from indie, punk, emo, electro, house, drum 'n' bass and dub-step genres.

The store prides itself in being "More than just your local record store"[1] also running various gigs, club nights and in-stores in and around Kingston upon Thames. "The premise outlined in their advertising strap line is simple: 'More than your local record store'. And it is incredibly apt. Not just content with supplying Kingston's art school students and music aficionados with their favourites, Banquet Records has firmly placed itself at the heart of this vibrant town's music scene."[2]

The shop is also home to Gravity DIP music management, as well as the Banquet Records record label.


Started as part of the Beggars Banquet chain of record stores before becoming fully independent in 2002. The store was sold to the then manager, however decreased profits lead the store to near bankruptcy towards the end of 2004.[3]

In February 2005,[4] Banquet Records was taken over by new owners; previous employees of the store, Jon Tolley and Mike Smith.[5]


Banquet Records regularly features in store performances.

Banquet club nights[edit]

New Noise[edit]

Banquet Records fortnightly Punk/Emo club-night at Bacchus nightclub in Kingston upon Thames.


D.A.N.C.E. is Banquet Records weekly Saturday night event playing commercial dance music, urban, pop and similar genres.


Drum 'n' bass and dub-step night held fortnightly in room two of D.A.N.C.E. at the Hippodrome in Kingston upon Thames by Banquet Records.

Other shows[edit]

Banquet Records also holds separate one-off shows, the majority being held at The Peel and The Fighting Cocks in Kingston upon Thames.

Record label[edit]

Banquet Records (the shop) is also home to Banquet Records (the record label).


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