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Banshū-Akō Station (播州赤穂駅 Banshū-Akō-eki?) is a railway station on the Akō Line of JR West, located in Ako, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The prefix Banshū, indicating the station's location in the old Harima province, was given to distinguish the station from Akaho Station (赤穂駅 Akaho-eki?) on the Iida Line in Nagano Prefecture (now Komagane Station), which used the same kanji characters as Akō.

Banshū-Akō is a terminal station for almost all Akō Line trains; this is the western terminus for trains from Himeji and JR Kobe Line, and the eastern terminus for trains bound for Okayama Station.


  • There are a side platform and an island platform with 3 tracks on the ground.
1 Akō Line, Sanyō Line starting for Aioi and Himeji (no trains from the evening)
2 Akō Line starting for Hinase and Okayama
Akō Line, Sanyō Line for Aioi and Himeji (one through train from Okayama for Himeji in the midnight)
3 Akō Line, Sanyō Line starting for Aioi and Himeji (special rapid service trains mainly use)
Akō Line one train starting for Hinase and Okayama in the morning

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Coordinates: 34°45′23″N 134°23′36″E / 34.756511°N 134.393303°E / 34.756511; 134.393303