Banu Judham

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The Banu Judham is a Yemeni tribe that emigrated to Syria and Egypt and dwelled with the Azd and Hamdan Kahlani tribes. Most Arab genealogists are not sure whether they are a Kahlani or a Himyarite tribe.

Settling in Syria and Egypt[edit]

The Judham(Jurham) tribe itself claimed Yemeni origin. They maintained an alliance with the Kalbid and Azdi tribes in the Ghassanid kingdom, they mainly settled Amman, Jabal Amel, Northern Egypt and Tabuk.

After the Battle of Yarmouk[edit]

At the time of the Battle of Yarmouk 636AD, they were combined to the Ghassanid columns that defected to the Muslims. Most the tribe converted to Islam and eventually broke off the alliance with the Ghassanids, along with the Kalbids they played an important role in the Islamization of Syria.

Alliance with the Kalbids[edit]

They were allies to the Umayyids, supporting the Kalb tribe against that of Qais. Their alliance with the Kalbids was to cost them dearly. The Qaisi tribes gained more power after the fall of Ummayids and the raise of their new allies in Baghdad (the Abbasids) this led to a series of revenge wars that extended until the 18th century.


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