Banu Sumadih

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The Banu Sumadih were an 11th-century Islamic dynasty that ruled the Moorish Taifa of Almería (present day Almería province, Spain) in Al-Andalus.


The Banu Sumadih dynasty in the Almería taifa were subordinate to the Taifa of Zaragoza, until conquered by the Almoravid dynasty. The last Banu Sumadih emir fled to the Hammadid king al-Mansur in 1102, who gave him command of Dellys in Algeria.


The Banu Sumadih dynasty rulers were:

  • Ma'n ibn Muhammad ibn Sumadih (1041–1051), installed by Granada
  • Al-Mu'tasim ibn Sumadih (1051–1091), a noted Arabic poet
  • Mu'izz ud-Dawla ibn Sumadih (1091–1102), fled to the Hammadid Berber dynasty; granted command of north African Dellys after 1102.