Baptist Christians in Norway

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A Norwegian baptist church in Bergen where a lots of the worshipers are Christian immigrants.
The baptist church in Bærum.

The Norwegian Baptist Union (Norwegian: Baptistsamfunnet and Det norske Baptistsamfunn) is a baptist community in Norway.

Most countries have a number of Baptist societies or associations of Baptist churches. In Norway, we find only a Baptist community, but there are independent Baptist congregation outside the Baptist community, which is not organized as a denomination. The biggest of these is the Baptist church in Sandvika in Bærum. This is one of the largest Baptist churches with about 100 meet the visitors. In addition, we find small groups of independent Baptists, both in Tønsberg, Lørenskog and Bergen. The first Baptist church in Norway was established in 1860. And there are today approximately 9,382 Baptists in Norway for more than 70 churches in 2009.[1][2]

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