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The Baptist Church of Mizoram, abbreviated BCM is a Protestant denomination of India and the second biggest church in Mizoram state in northeast India.

The church was founded by Baptist English missionaries Rev. JH Lorrain (Pu Buanga) and FW Savidge (Sap Upa) in 1894. It has its headquarters at Serkawn, which is a missionary station and town close to Lunglei city, the second biggest city in Mizoram, a minor part of India bordering Myanmar.

Today BCM has 120,589 members in 410 local churches (BCM Statistics 2007).It is the second biggest church in Mizoram after the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram, which was founded in 1897 by an English Presbyterian missionary Rev. D.E. Jones.

Rev. R.A. Lorrain, younger brother of Rev. J.H. Lorrain and founder of the Evangelical Church of Maraland (est. 1907), was the first pioneering missionary to the Mara people in the southernmost part of Mizoram state, completing the task of evangelizing the people of the whole state - Presbyterians in the north, Baptists in the middle and Evangelicals in the south.


The Baptist Church of Mizoram operates the following:


BCM is a member of the Baptist World Alliance, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and an active member of the BMS World Mission.

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