Bar Café d'Époque

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Bar Café d’Epoque
Bar Café d’Epoque
Bar Café d’Epoque
Location Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
Nearest city Montreal

Bar Café d'Époque is a nightclub located at the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec, Canada. Bar Café d'Époque was first opened by Patrick Boheminer on October 14, 1994 as a café serving Après-ski drinks and appetizers under the name Café d'Époque.

Building History[edit]

Built in 1939, this building is part of a historic group of structures which first made up the aspiring resort. These buildings served as small hotels and homes for visitors and on site workers. This specific building once served as the home of Jo Ryan who is the original creator of Mont-Tremblant resort. As Mont-Tremblant grew in popularity a new village with architecture reminiscent of traditional Quebec was constructed fifty meters from the original location. This group of historic buildings was carefully moved to the heart of the new village where they remain today.

From Café to Bar[edit]

Throughout the years the café slowly began to have later hours, live music and focus more on alcohol sales instead of coffee or food. In 2001, the word “Bar” was add to the beginning of the name to officially change the business from a café into a bar.

"Party @ the Cafe".


Bar Café d'Époque was home the Red Bull Retro 1976 closing ceremonies.[1]

Dancer In The World Famous Cage.

Team Bar Café d'Époque competed in the 24h Tremblant 10th Annual Ski competition presented by Volkswagen.[2] The race was held on December 10–12, 2010. 24h Tremblant is Eastern North America's biggest fundraising ski event which raises several hundreds of thousands of dollars for sick and underprivileged children.[3]