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The Bar Standards Board regulates admission to the Bar for barristers in England and Wales. In addition, it responds to complaints from the public regarding behaviour and adequacy of representation by members of the Bar and conducts disciplinary proceedings. The most serious of these are conducted at public hearings, and announced on its website.

The BSB's functions were originally carried out by the Bar Council, the barristers' representative body, until 2006 when the Bar Council created the BSB as an independent regulator. However the Legal Services Board has questioned the independence of the BSB from the Bar Council.[1]

The BSB's governing board meets monthly at its headquarters in High Holborn, London, and holds public and private sessions. It has a majority of lay (non-barrister) members and the remainder are barristers. Its chair is Baroness Deech. The vice-chair, from January 2013, is Patricia Robertson QC, a barrister at Fountain Court Chambers. She replaces Sir Geoffrey Nice.[2]

Members of the BSB's board as of December 2012[3] were:

Barrister Members:

  • Sarah Clarke
  • Simon Lofthouse QC
  • Matthew Nicklin
  • Patricia Robertson QC
  • Sam Stein QC

Lay Members:

  • Rolande Anderson
  • Rob Behrens
  • Malcolm Cohen
  • Paula Diggle
  • Tim Robinson
  • Professor Andrew Sanders
  • Anne Wright

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