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Baradari may mean

Baradari is situated in middle of Disco More and Ajmer Nagri society. It has its local market. Including shops of vagetable's, meat's, Bakeries, Milk's, Hair dresser's, Fast food's, groceries and many others. At baradari you will find a mosque named Furqania masjid(Maslak-e-Hanafi - Zer-e-Nigrani(Qari Javed)). Locality of peoples of Baradari is educated and sensible. In near of Baradari you will find Babul Islam Masjid(Markaz of North Karachi - Hanafi(Zer-e-Nigrani - Moulana Muhammad Umer Farooq). Baradari is develop and neat area of North Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan.

In addition to its original use as an architectural term for a free-standing structure with twelve open doorways, baradari is used loosely by scholars who may apply the term to many different styles of historic South Asian architecture, such as chhatris, small tombs, and open-air outbuildings. The frequent use of baradari in historical scholarship in reference to the citadel palace at the Fort of Daulatabad demonstrates the term's fluidity. The word is also used colloquially in India for a variety of structures such as gazebo-like designs, roofed porches, and recreational open-air buildings.