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Baraka means blessing in Hebrew, Arabic and Arabic-influenced languages. It may refer to:

  • Baraka, also berakhah, in Judaism, a blessing usually recited during a ceremony
  • Baraka, also barakah, in Arabic Islam and Arabic-influenced languages such as Swahili, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, a blessing from God in the form of spiritual wisdom or divine presence. Also a spiritual power believed to be possessed by certain persons, objects, tombs.
    • Baraka, a rarely used French slang term for luck, derived from the Arabic word
    • Baraka, fully ḥabbat al-barakah, aka Nigella sativa, a spice with purported health benefits
  • Baraka Bashad, meaning "may the blessings be" or just "blessings be", originally a Sufi expression and also used in Eckankar






  • Baraka Kutina, an alternative youth music club in Kutina, Croatia
  • Baraka is the name of an Italian jewellery brand catering entirely to men [1]
  • Baraka, an Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Turkish word for "shack"

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