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A Barangay Kagawad, abbreviated as Kgwd., also known as a barangay councilor and in Filipino, konsehal ng barangay, is an elected government official who is a member of the Sangguniang Barangay, or Barangay Council, of a particular barangay. Barangays are the smallest political units in the Philippines and the council serves as the legislature of the barangay and is headed by the barangay captain or Punong Barangay.

There are seven[1] barangay kagawads in each barangay who are ranked according to the number of votes they had received during the election. Under the Local Government Code of 1991 (Republic Act 7160 as amended) Barangay Kagawads are elected to three-year terms, and are term limited to three consecutive terms, for a total of nine years. They are elected in separate barangay elections., the most recent in October, 2013.

Under the revised penal code, the barangay captain, members of barangay council, and members of the lupong tagapamayapa are considered persons in authority within their areas of jurisdiction.

Barangay councilors are paid and receive fringe benefits, such as health insurance and retirement benefits. In Oton, Iloilo, councilors are paid 5,000 Philippine pesos a month.


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