Barassie, South Ayrshire

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Barassie (Scottish Gaelic: Bàrr Fhasaidh) is a village in South Ayrshire, Scotland. Coordinates: 55°34′00″N 4°38′30″W / 55.56667°N 4.64167°W / 55.56667; -4.64167

Barassie is a suburb of Troon on the northern edge of the town beginning halfway along Barassie Beach.

There is also a golf course called Kilmarnock Barassie which is the club where Gordon Sherry played.

There is also Barassie railway station.

Matthew Price scored a goal against Barassie primary school from a 'kick in' for St Patricks primary school! Which technically isn’t supposed to be allowed and is against the laws of the game, but Matthew knew that the Goalkeeper who had been flapping at crosses all day, would try to make a vain attempt to save it, and so touch it before it went in, thus allowing the goal to count! Legend has it that the potent attacking, creative midfielder must have scored a bag full of other goals against these weak opponents, but the historic documents have since been lost, leaving the stories of Matt's historic performances to become the thing of legend.