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Coordinates: 33°55′16″N 72°32′31″E / 33.92111°N 72.54194°E / 33.92111; 72.54194

Barazai is a village situated in the east of Hazro Tehsil, Attock District in northern Punjab in Pakistan. Its altitude is 315 metres (1036 feet).


Barazai village located in Chach,East of Hazro Thesil and the northern part of Attock District (chach) of the Punjab province of Pakistan very close to the borders of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North-West Frontier) Province. Barazai is the biggest village of Union Council Malak Mala with a population of nearly 16,000. The founder of this village was Barza Khan, who came from Ghazni, Afghanistan. He had five sons: Qasim Khan, Maghdoz Khan, Mirza Khan, Shabaz Khan,and Kooden Khan. The four mohallahs are named after the first four sons.

A large percentage of the population of Barazai has Pashtun roots. They are mostly descendants of the Musa zai (Sar kani) and Alizai (Durrani) tribes. The residents of this village speak Hindko and Pashto, and they follow the Pashtunwali code of conduct. Other tribes originated from Peshawar.

People from Barazai have migrated to other countries including United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong.

Most residents of this village work in agriculture.

Many people from Barazai work in the Merchant Navy of Pakistan.


Barazai has both girls' and boys' HIGH schools. There are one Sufi Buzorg Almahroof Baba Ji Sahib who belongs to Barazi. Also. there are some other Ziarat Shaheed Baba.Mian Kamal Baba. Basically Barazai had 4 mohallahs at Start Maghdoobzai, Qasim Khail, Shaba Khail and Mulla Khail but recently it contains Musa Khaill, Mashriqi Dhwok, Maghrabi Dhowk,Nawab Abad, School Banda and many more. Barazai contains 25 Masjids (mosques) and one Post Office.

In Barazai Islamic school Build by (late) Haji Abdul Aziz Sab Jawairul Alum Both for Girls and Boys ,