Barbados national netball team

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Flag of Barbados.svg
Association Barbados Netball Association
Confederation AFNA (Americas)
Head coach Alwyn Babb
Captain Kizzy Marville
INF ranking 10 Steady
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Gold uniform
Kit skirt netball.svg
Gold uniform
Kit body thingoldsides.svg
Blue uniform
Kit skirt netball.svg
Blue uniform
World Championships
2011 placing 11th
Best result 6th (1987)
Commonwealth Games
2014 placing 7th (2010)

The Barbados national netball team represent Barbados in international netball. The Barbadian team qualified for the 2011 World Netball Championships in Singapore, finishing 11th. For the World Championships, the team were coached by Alwyn Babb, with Kizzy Marville as captain. As of 19 September 2014, Barbados was tenth in the INF World Rankings.[1]


Twelve players were selected for the 2011 World Netball Championships, held from 3 to 10 July.[2]

Barbados national netball team
Players Coaching staff
  • Lydia Bishop
  • Latonya Blackman (vc)
  • Nadia Blackman
  • Laurel Browne
  • Sabrina Browne
  • Samantha Browne
  • Shonette Bruce
  • Kizzy Marville (c)
  • Nikita Piggott
  • Lisa Puckerin
  • Faye Sealy
  • Sabreena Smith
  • Head coach: Alwyn Babb
  • Asst coach: Jacquelyn Forde-Brome
  • Manager: Marcia Oxley

Competitive history[edit]

World Netball Championships
Year Championship Location Placing
1979 5th World Championships Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 8th
1983 6th World Championships Singapore
1987 7th World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 6th
1991 8th World Championships Sydney, Australia
1995 9th World Championships Birmingham, England 11th
1999 10th World Championships Christchurch, New Zealand 10th
2003 11th World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 7th
2007 12th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 13th
2011 13th World Championships Singapore 11th
2015 14th World Championships Sydney, Australia TBD
Netball at the Commonwealth Games
Year Games Event Location Placing
1998 XVI Games 1st Netball Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6th
2002 XVII Games 2nd Netball Manchester, England
2006 XVIII Games 3rd Netball Melbourne, Australia
2010 XIX Games 4th Netball Delhi, India 7th


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