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Barbara Atkinson (born 8 January 1926) is an actress from Manchester, England. Her first professional appearance was at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in December 1945. Atkinson has appeared in various television episodes since 1965.


Barbara Atkinson was born on 8 January 1926 in Manchester, England. Her parents were Charles Stuart Atkinson and Dorothy Carol Atkinson (née Lyons). She was educated in Châtelard and trained for the stage at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.[1]

Stage work[edit]

Barbara Atkinson made her first professional stage appearance at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in December 1945 in the role of Mr. Fox in Toad of Toad Hall. Her early career also included repertory work in such towns as Swindon, Wigan, and Wednesbury. Atkinson made her debut West End theatre performance in the role of Mary Williams in Serious Charge at the Garrick Theatre in February 1955. She went on to do more repertory work in such towns as Oxford, Birmingham, and Nottingham. Atkinson appeared with the National Theatre Company for the 1969–1970 season in the role of Mincing in The Way of the World.[1] In 1978, Atkinson appeared at the Greenwich Theatre as Lady Markby in An Ideal Husband.[1]

Film work[edit]

Barbara Atkinson has appeared on several television shows since 1965. Her first television performance was in an episode of The Wednesday Play in 1965. Atkinson went on to portray Miss Fellowes in the 1974 television adaptation of William Somerset Maugham's novel Cakes and Ale. Her most recent television performance was in an episode of The Bill in 1998.[2]


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