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Barbara Moore (1961)

Dr. Barbara Moore (22 December 1903 – 14 May 1977)[1] was a Russian-born health enthusiast who gained celebrity in the early 1960s for her long-distance walking.

In December 1959, she walked from Edinburgh to London. In early 1960, she walked from John o'Groats to Land's End in 23 days. She then undertook a 46-day, 3,387-mile walk from San Francisco to New York City, where she arrived on 6 July 1960.[2]

She was a vegetarian and reputed to be a breatharian.[3] She walked with only nuts, honey, raw fruit and vegetable juice for nourishment.[4]

She died in a London hospital on 14 May 1977 after a car crash.

Her John o'Groats to Land's End walk caught the attention of Harry Griffin, who advocated a revival of the Bob Graham Round as possibly a much sterner test of fitness.[5]



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