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Barbara Simpson is a conservative American radio talk show host.


Coast to Coast AM and KSFO (AM)[edit]

Barbara Simpson was a prominent television news anchor in San Francisco (KTVU, Channel 2, in Oakland, KQED, Channel 9; and KOFY-TV Channel 20) and Los Angeles from the late 1970s through the 1990s. She was the Public Relations Director for The Cousteau Society where Simpson worked with Captain Jacques Cousteau, coordinating media and the worldwide petition campaign.

Simpson was notably the host of Coast to Coast AM on Saturday nights from 2000 until 2003, alternating with George Noory. She was also a long-time host of her own show on San Francisco talk radio station KSFO (AM). She occasionally hosted Coast to Coast AM on other nights as well. As a substitute for the show's founder and current weekend host, Art Bell, Simpson was known for her conservative political views. As of 2006, she writes a commentary column titled The Babe In The Bunker — referring to her status as a conservative in famously liberal San Francisco — for the conservative online news site WorldNetDaily.

Until May 3, 2014, when her show was abruptly canceled, Simpson was on KSFO Saturdays and Sundays with frequent weekday fill-in appearances.


Simpson has taught at Michigan State University and is an experienced markswoman.


  • 2007 Golden Microphone-Excellence in Broadcasting Award
  • Eagle Forum of California
  • The "Golden Medallion," from the California State Bar, for TV reports
  • TV Woman of the Year, NoCa, American Women in Radio and Television
  • Kudo Award for her KSFO program
  • National Commission on Working Women, Peninsula Press Club, Oakland Business and Professional Women * B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League.

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