Barbarians Led by Bill Gates

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Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside
Author Marlin Eller, Jennifer Edstrom
Country United States
Language English
Subject Computer Software Industry, Microsoft Corporation
Publisher Henry Holt
Publication date
Pages 256
ISBN 0-8050-5754-4
OCLC 38527822
338.7/610053/0973 21
LC Class HD9696.63.U64 M534 1998

Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside is a book that was jointly written by Jennifer Edstrom and Marlin Eller. Written as a third-person account of the experiences of Marlin Eller at Microsoft, it goes into detail about the early years of Microsoft and its emergence as a massive corporation. As Howard Rheingold said on the back of the book:

If you ever doubted that Microsoft plays to win, or ever wondered how they do it, you'll learn a lot from this lively memoir that takes us inside the walls at Redmond. In the press we see what Microsoft wants the world to know. Here, the programmers in the trenches let us in on how they see it.

—Howard Rheingold, author of The Virtual Community

Two chapters of the book deal specifically with the business contacts between Microsoft and GO Corporation. In April 2008, as part of a larger federal court case, the gesture features of the Windows/Tablet PC operating system and hardware were found to infringe on a patent by GO Corp. concerning gesture interfaces in operating systems for portable computers.[1]


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