Barbecue, North Carolina

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Not to be confused with Barbecue in North Carolina.

Barbecue is an unincorporated community located in the Barbecue Township of Harnett County, North Carolina. It is a part of the Dunn Micropolitan Area, which is also a part of the greater Raleigh–Durham–Cary Combined Statistical Area (CSA) as defined by the United States Census Bureau.


Barbecue Township was so named because the steam rising from the warm waters of a local creek in the winter reminded early settlers of steam rising from a traditional North Carolina pork barbecue.[citation needed]

An Historian at Barbecue Presbyterian Church, Ms. Cameron, says that a settler to the area named “Red” McNeill saw steam rising from a nearby creek. It reminded him of the meat-cooking pits he had seen in the Caribbean, and he named the creek Barbecue Creek. The name became official in the early 1750s, as settlers began moving into the area.

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