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Since Barbie's introduction in 1959, the doll has been portrayed with many different careers. Different dolls are sold with sets of clothes and accessories that fit the career being portrayed. For example, the Lifeguard Barbie play set includes a Barbie, an outfit with shoes, a lifeguard chair, a dolphin, and a life preserver, while the Spanish Teacher Barbie includes a Barbie, an outfit with shoes flash cards, a Spanish quiz, an easel, a notebook, a key chain, and a hairbrush. Each career is created to give children the option of exploring new careers and help them learn new things.





Public service[edit]

Science and engineering[edit]


  • Pilot (1990)
  • Flight Attendant (American Airlines 1973-75, Flight Time 1989)
  • NASCAR driver (1998, I can be... Race Car Driver 2009)
  • Stewardess (American Airlines 1961-64, Pan Am 1966)
  • Tour guides (Toy Story 2 Tour Guide Special Edition 1999)


  • Artist
  • Ballerina (1961–present)
  • Chef (1996, I can be... Bakery Chef 2008)
  • Designer (2008)
  • Fashion Model (1959–present)
  • Guest editor of international fashion magazine
  • Hair Dresser (2008)
  • Make-up artist (Barbie loves Mac 2007)
  • Movie actress ("Barbie A Fashion Fairytale", 2010 and "Barbie A Fairy secret", 2011)
  • Olympic Gymnast
  • Pet stylist (I can be... Pet Stylist 2008)
  • Photographer
  • Pop singer (Barbie and the Rockers 1986, I can be... Rock Star, 2009)
  • TV chef (I can be... TV chef, 2008)
  • Wedding stylist (I can be... Wedding Stylist, 2009)


  • Business executive (1960, 1978, Day to Night 1985, 1999)
  • Owner of Willow's Cafe (Barbie Princess Charm School 2011)
  • Secretary (2007)
  • See's Candy cashier (2002)
  • Waitress (Barbie Princess Charm School, 2011)



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