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Barbie is a fashion doll launched in 1959.

Barbie or Barbi may also refer to:


  • Klaus Barbie (1913-1991), SS and Gestapo officer and war criminal
  • Lanny Barby or Barbie (born 1981), French-Canadian former pornographic actress
  • Shane and Sia Barbi (born 1963), identical twin models, authors and animal rights activists
  • Barbi Benton (born 1950 as Barbara Klein), Playboy model, actress and singer
  • "Barbi" Barbara Henneberger (1940-1964), German alpine skier
  • Barbie Hsu (born 1976), Taiwanese actress
  • Barbie Wilde (born 1960), Canadian actress and writer
  • Kelly Kelly (born 1987), ring name of professional wrestler and model Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank
  • Edgar Valdez Villarreal (born 1973), Mexican-American drug lord nicknamed "La Barbie"



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