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Barbie Almalbis
Barbie Almalbis performing at the Ayala Center Cebu's Eco Dash: The Bottle School Run
Barbie Almalbis performing at the Ayala Center Cebu's Eco Dash: The Bottle School Run
Background information
Birth name Yvette Barbra Hontiveros Almalbis
Born (1977-08-26) August 26, 1977 (age 37)
Origin Philippines
Genres Acoustic, pop rock, alternative rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Guitarist
Instruments vocals, guitars
Years active 1995–present
Labels 12 Stone Records
Associated acts Hungry Young Poets
Barbie's Cradle
Pupil (band)
Ely Buendia
Kitchie Nadal
Parokya Ni Edgar
Notable instruments
Parker Fly
Elegee custom-built guitars

Yvette Barbra Almalbis Honasan (born August 26, 1977 in Roxas City, Capiz), more commonly known as Barbie Almalbis, is a singer and songwriter from the Philippines.[1]

Formerly the lead singer of the bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, she pursued a solo career in 2005, releasing her self-titled compilation album, Barbie: The Singles.

In 2006, she released her debut solo album, Parade. Her music is characterised by a rather quirky, but endearing vocal style, and guitar work.

Barbie is a capable guitarist in her own right and a painter; she is a born-again Christian and is married to Martin Honasan (the son of the Sen. Gringo Honasan), a painter and scion of a Philippine political family. The couple named their firstborn Noa Stina.


Barbie: The Singles (2005)[edit]

by Hungry Young Poets[edit]

  • Torpe
  • Firewoman

by Barbie's Cradle[edit]

  • Tabing Ilog (soundtrack for ABS-CBN's Tabing Ilog)
  • The Dance
  • Goodnyt
  • Shiny Red Balloon
  • Belinda Bye Bye
  • Dear Paul
  • Money For Food
  • Langit Na Naman
  • Pangarap
  • All I Need
  • Limang Dipang Tao (by Ryan Cayabyab, first popularized by Lea Salonga)
  • Everyday
  • Idlip
  • Independence Day
  • Good Day (soundtrack for Nescafe)

by Barbie Almalbis[edit]

  • Just A Smile (soundtrack for Close-Up's TV Commercial)
  • Power over you (soundtrack for SkinWhite TV Commercial)
  • You're My Number One (soundtrack for Nido commercial with Sharon Cuneta)
  • Summer Day (soundtrack for Sunsilk TV commercial).

Parade (2006)[edit]

Studio album by Barbie Almalbis
Released 2006
Genre OPM
Label 12 Stone Records, Warner Music
Barbie Almalbis chronology
Goodbye My Shadow
  • Dahilan
  • Give Yourself Away
  • Overdrive (first popularized by the Eraserheads)
  • Damsel
  • Sorry Song
  • Parading
  • Little Miss Spider
  • High (duet with The Speaks)
  • Summer Day
  • Pag-alis
  • For The World
  • 012 (With Rommel dela Cruz, Wendell Garcia, and Kakoy Legaspi)
  • Credits Song

Barbie Rocks The Big Dome - Live (2007)[edit]

  • Torpe
  • Deadma (with Rocksteddy)
  • Smile At Me (Rocksteddy)
  • Tabing Ilog
  • High (with Ney Dimaculangan)
  • Just A Smile
  • Majika (Kitchie Nadal)
  • Firewoman (with Kitchie Nadal)
  • Same Ground (Kitchie Nadal)
  • Untitled (Harana Song)
  • Dahilan
  • Parading
  • You Learn (with Mom)
  • Summerday
  • Goodnight
  • 012

Goodbye My Shadow (2011)[edit]

Goodbye My Shadow
Studio album by Barbie Almalbis
Released 2011
Genre OPM, CCM
Label 12 Stone Records, Star Records
Barbie Almalbis chronology
Goodbye My Shadow
My New Heart
  • Ostrich Cowboy
  • Goodbye My Shadow
  • Constellations
  • Unraveling
  • Always You
  • No Police
  • Lights
  • Where Have You Been?
  • Child Of Mine
  • Wait Til Sunday
  • Buntala

My New Heart (2014)[edit]

My New Heart
Studio album by Barbie Almalbis
Released 2014
Genre OPM, CCM
Label 12 Stone Records, Star Records
Barbie Almalbis chronology
Goodbye My Shadow
My New Heart
  • Say Goodbye
  • Emmanuel
  • Run For Cover
  • My New Heart
  • Secrets
  • Joyful, Joyful (Cover Music)
  • We Are Slaves
  • On This Train
  • Ostrich Cowboy (2014 Edition)


  • Tunog Acoustic (Warner Music Philippines, 2003) (with Barbie's Cradle)
  • Supersize Rock (Warner Music Philippines, 2004) (with Barbie's Cradle)
  • Tunog Acoustic 2 (Warner Music Philippines, 2004) (with Barbie's Cradle)
  • Tunog Acoustic 3 (Warner Music Philippines, 2004)
  • Ultraelectromagneticjam (Sony BMG Music Philippines, 2005)
  • Tunog Acoustic 4 (Warner Music Philippines, 2004) (with The Speaks)
  • Bandang Pinoy, Lasang Hotdog (Sony BMG Music Philippines, 2006)
  • Kami nAPO muna (Universal Records, 2006)
  • I-Star 15: The Best of Alternative & Rock (Star Records, 2010)

Greatest Day[edit]

A collaboration between Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal. The song was used for Unilever's Philippine TV Commercial of Sunsilk. The music video also featured both of them.

Rockoustic Mania[edit]

Barbie Almalbis and Pupil were chosen by Juicy Fruit as their advertising models to reach out to the younger generation in their Rockoustic Mania [1] advertising events. The promotion included Juicy Fruit's Tugtog Mo! band competition, and Style mo! competition by Human and Pony footwear. The collaboration between the two artists offers a fusion of Rock and Acoustic. The AVCD features two songs, the music videos and some behind the scenes look at the artists' works. It was released on August 24, 2006.

The Juicy Fruit Rockoustic Mania Final Fusion event was held on November 17, at the Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas (Folk Arts Theater), Cultural Center of the Philippines. The show featured performances from Barbie Almalbis and Pupil, guest bands Sugarfree and Up Dharma Down, and of course, from the three finalists, WTC 11, Medea, and 7th Skool. The band 7th Skool won the Tugtog Mo! Band Competition.

1. Nakakabaliw (E. Buendia, D. Ventura)
2. Must Have (E. Buendia, B. Almalbis, D. Sergio)

1. Nakakabaliw (Directed by RA Rivera)
2. Must Have (Directed by Pancho Esguerra)
3. MYX News


  • PARI 19th Awit Awards (2006)
    • Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist for "Just A Smile"
  • Meg Magazine Teens Choice Awards (2006)
    • Favorite Female Artist of the Year
  • MTV Pilipinas (2006)
    • Nominated for Best Female Artist in a Video for "Dahilan"
    • Nominated for Best Animated Video for "Dahilan"
  • MYX Music Awards (2006)
    • Nominated for Favorite Female Artist
    • Nominated for Favorite Media Soundtrack for "Just A Smile"
    • Nominated for Favorite Collaboration for "High" with The Speaks
  • 19th Aliw Awards (2006)
    • Nominated for Best Major Concert (Female) - for "Barbie Rocks the Big Dome"
  • NU Rock Awards (2006)
    • Nominated for Artist Of The Year
    • Nominated for Best Live Act
    • Nominated for Vocalist Of The Year
    • Nominated for Song Of The Year for "Dahilan"
    • Nominated for Album Of The Year for "Parade"


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