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Barboncito, c. 1865.

Barboncito (1821–1871) was a famous Navajo political and spiritual leader. His name means poorly groomed child in Spanish. He also was known as Hastiin Dághaaʼ, Hastiin Daagi, Bistłahałání, and Hózhǫ́ǫ́jí Naatʼááh. Barboncito was born into the Maʼiideeshgiizhnii clan about 1820 and was a brother to Delgadito.

He was the signer of several treaties between the United States and Navajos, including one in 1846, and was listed as Chief on the treaty of 1868 that ended the Long Walk. Of all the Navajos of his time, Barboncito is probably most responsible for the long-term success of the Navajo culture and relations with non-Navajos.

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