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Barboura Morris (1932–1975) was an American actress. She acted under some other names. "The girl with the lovely smile," Barboura Morris was born in L.A., and went on to appear in many low-budget movies, such as A Bucket of Blood, American comedy horror film directed by Roger Corman. She graduated from UCLA. Barboura started her acting career at the Stumptown stock company, where her acting coach was Jeff Corey, and Roger Corman was a classmate. Corman gave Barboura a leading role in the cult classic Sorority Girl (1957), and more AIP pictures followed; she was cast in varied roles such as an unrequited love interest, a caring secretary, and a warrior woman. In addition to movies, Barboura did some television work. Barboura died in Santa Monica, one day after her 43rd birthday.

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