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Privately held company
Industry Restaurants
Genre Fast food, Tex-Mex
Founded Manchester, United Kingdom
Founder Morgan Davies and Paul Kilpatrick
Area served
Products Burritos, tacos, nachos

Barburrito is a British chain of Mexican-style fast food restaurants, focusing primarily on burritos. The chain currently operates ten stores across five locations in the UK.

Barburrito was founded by Morgan Davies and Paul Kilpatrick in 2005, with its first store opening in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.[1] In 2010, the chain was operating stores in Deansgate in Manchester and Liverpool.[2] In 2012, with sales of £5 million,[3] Barburrito received an investment of £3.25 million from the Business Growth Fund to expand to a number of different locations, including locations in London which would become the chain's first stores outside the North West.[4][5][6] In 2013 the chain opened two stores in London at Paddington station, Cowcross Street and Holborn Viaduct.[7]


Barburrito offers burritos, burrito bowls (the filling of the burrito, without the wrap), tacos, and nachos covered in cheese sauce. The fillings that are offered are chargrilled chicken, slow-cooked pork, spicy shredded beef, chargrilled steak, and flash fried vegetables. Optional extras include guacamole, tortilla chips and salsa. Each store sells soft drinks, water, iced tea, and Mexican beers such as Corona.

All of Barburrito's ingredients are made on-site, with six deliveries to each store per week.[8]


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