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Barco N.V.
Public company
Industry Display technology
Founded 1934
Headquarters Kortrijk, Belgium
Key people
Eric Van Zele, CEO
Carl Peeters, CFO
Products Video, Digital cinema, CRT, OLED, display controller, LCD, DLP and LCoS projectors, LED and Flat panel displays, image processing equipment and software
Revenue €1.158 billion (2013)
Number of employees
4,000 (2014)
Slogan Visibly yours

Barco N.V. (EuronextBAR) is a display hardware manufacturer specialising in digital cinema projection, video projectors, DLP projectors, LCoS projectors, Image Processing, LED displays, video walls, flat panel displays, automated luminaires, digital lighting, lighting controls, display controllers and RAMDACs.

Barco is headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, and has facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Barco is active in more than 90 countries and employs about 4,000 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.158 billion euro in 2013.

Active markets[edit]

Barco designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: healthcare, entertainment & corporate, industrial & government and defense & aerospace.


Barco is an acronym that originally stood for Belgian American Radio COrporation.


  • Barco Graphics was the graphics division of the Belgian Barco Group. It was the result of the 1989 merger of Digitized Information Systems Corporation (D.I.S.C.), Aesthedes and Barco's own "Creative Group".
  • In 1997, Barco acquired EIS (Electronic Image Systems), a manufacturer of high brightness, high resolution calligraphic CRT projectors for the flight simulation market.
  • In 1998, Barco ETS, now Ucamco acquired Gerber Systems Corp., a manufacturer of plotters and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems for printed circuit boards, based in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
  • In 1999, Barco acquired Metheus Corporation, a Tektronix spin-off and manufacturer of professional graphics controllers, based in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.[1]
  • In 2004, Barco acquired Voxar, a 3D medical imaging software company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • In 2004, Barco acquired Folsom Research, Inc, based in Rancho Cordova, California, USA. Folsom's product lines cover solutions for image processing, image communication and image functionality & interactivity.
  • In 2008, Barco acquired High End Systems, an automated luminaires, digital lighting and lighting controls company, based in Austin, Texas.
  • In 2010, Barco acquired Fimi, a company specialized in medical imaging, based in Saronno, Italy.
  • In 2010, Barco acquired all intellectual property of Element Labs, a manufacturer of LED equipment, based in Santa Clara, California, USA.
  • In 2010, Barco acquired dZine, a Belgium based company specialized in Digital Signage solutions.
  • In 2012, Barco acquired IP Video Systems, a company specialized in networked visualization solutions, based in Sunnyvale, California.
  • In 2012, Barco acquired JAOtech, a manufacturer of patient entertainment and point-of-care terminals for hospitals, based in Surrey, UK.
  • In 2013, Barco acquired AWIND, a manufacturer of hardware and software for wireless presentation systems, based in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • In 2013, Barco acquired projectiondesign®, a manufacturer of projection technology, based in Fredrikstad, Norway.


  • In the early 2000s, Barco Graphics was acquired by Belgian Purup-Eskofot, and renamed Esko-Graphics, which was again renamed Esko in 2006.
  • In 2007, BarcoVision was acquired by Itema Group from Bergamo, Italy.[2]
  • In 2008, Barco sold its Advanced Visualisation (AVIS) group (the previously acquired Voxar)[3] to Toshiba Medical (TMSC.)[4]

September 2014 – Reached an agreement with US-based aerospace and defense group Esterline Corporation (NYSE: ESL) to sell its Defence & Aerospace division. The sale, which covers both shares and assets, is valued at 150 million euro.


CEO 2008 - Eric Van Zele
CEO 2002 - 2008 Martin De Prycker
CEO - 2002 Hugo Vandamme (nl)

Barco Silex[edit]

Barco Silex is a micro-electronic design house established in 1991, that belongs to the Barco group and has both offices and design teams in Belgium and France.[5]

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