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Location of the province of Trieste
Church in Barcola

Barcola (Slovene: Barkovlje)[1] is a seaside neighbourhood of Trieste, Italy. To go to Barcola from the centre of town take "viale Miramare" going in the direction of Venezia. Barcola is about 3 km from the train station. It is best known after the Barcolana regatta, a European sailing race that happens every year in October.

Trieste is a popular place for locals to go swimming and sunbathing and a long promenade links the area with nearby Miramare Castle.

According to the last Austro-Hungarian census of 1911, more than 73% of the population of the suburb were of Slovene ethnicity.[1] After the annexation to Italy in 1920, the percentage of Slovene speakers fell significantly; however, Barcola is still an important center of the Slovene minority in Italy. Traditionally, the Karst dialect of Slovene has been spoken in Barcola, differently from most other ethnic Slovene villages around Trieste, where the Inner Carniolan dialect is spoken.

Notes and references[edit]

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Coordinates: 45°41′N 13°45′E / 45.683°N 13.750°E / 45.683; 13.750