Bardo National Museum

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Bardo National Museum
French: Musée national du Bardo
Arabic المتحف الوطني بباردو
Bardo Museum - Carthage room.jpg
Carthage Room, Bardo National Museum (2005)
Location Tunis, Tunisia
Type National museum
Curator Taher Ghalia
Detail of a Ulysses mosaic in the Bardo Museum

The Bardo National Museum (in French: Musée national du Bardo; in Arabic: المتحف الوطني بباردو) is a museum located in Tunis, Tunisia.


The museum's building was originally a 19th-century Bey's palace, located in the suburbs of Tunis.


It contains a major collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities of interest from Ancient Greece, Tunisia, and the Islamic period.

The museum displays objects ranging from pre-historical artefacts to modern jewellery.

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