Barisan Nasional Pembebasan Patani

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Barisan Nasional Pembebasan Patani (1959-2002)
Barisan Islam Pembebasan Patani
Founder Tengku Jalal Nasir
Founded 1959
Headquarters Southern Thailand
Ideology Separatism
Militant Islam
Party flag
Flag of Jihad.svg

The National Front for the Liberation of Pattani (abbreviated BNPP from the Malay: Barisan Nasional Pembebasan Patani; Thai: ขบวนการแนวร่วมปลดแอกแห่งชาติปัตตานี), now known as Islamic Front for the Liberation of Pattani (Barisan Islam Pembebasan Patani), is a militant Islamic separatist movement based in northern Malaysia and with a history of operations in the South Thailand insurgency.


The group was formed in 1959 by Tengku Jalal Nasir, aka Adul Na Saiburi,[1] and is reputed to be one of the first armed insurgent outfits in the Pattani area.[2] The group had its base in Southern Thailand.[3]

Barisan Islam Pembebasan Patani[edit]

The BNPP was very active in the 1970s and 1980s and, after a period of dormancy, it was revived in 2002 as the Barisan Islam Pembebasan Patani (BIPP), Islamic Front for the Liberation of Pattani. The renewed group has reduced its nationalistic emphasis and expanded its hard-line Islamic politico-religious goals. The political wing of the group participates in Malaysian state-level politics.[4]

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