Barkan Industrial Park

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Coordinates: 32°6′24″N 35°07′2″E / 32.10667°N 35.11722°E / 32.10667; 35.11722

Barkan Mall

The Barkan Industrial Park (Hebrew: איזור התעשיה ברקן‎, lit. Barkan Industrial Area) is located about 25 kilometres east of Tel Aviv on the Israeli-occupied West Bank whose offices are located at the northern entrance. The industrial park is located adjacent to the Israeli settlement Barkan and near the settlement and city of Ariel.

Founded in 1982, the industrial park currently includes about 120 businesses and factories manufacturing plastics, metal-work, food, textile, and more.

In October 2008 the Swedish company Assa Abloy announced that it would move its production plant belonging to their Israeli subsidiary Mul-T-Lock from Barkan due to political pressure.[citation needed] Also in 2008 the partly Dutch owned Barkan Wine Cellars took similar measures.[citation needed]

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