Barkers of Kensington

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Barkers of Kensington
Barkers department store.jpg
Location Kensington High Street
Coordinates 51°30′07″N 0°11′26″W / 51.5019°N 0.1906°W / 51.5019; -0.1906Coordinates: 51°30′07″N 0°11′26″W / 51.5019°N 0.1906°W / 51.5019; -0.1906
Opening date 1870
Closing date 2006
Owner 1807–1957 John Barker & Co.
1957–2006 House of Fraser

Barkers of Kensington was a department store in Kensington High Street, Kensington, London. It was started by John Barker and James Whitehead, later Lord Mayor of London,[1]:36 in 1870. It was sold to House of Fraser in 1957 and was closed in 2006.[2] The building now contains a branch of Whole Foods Market.


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