Barm cake

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Barm cake
Barm cake with black pudding.jpg
Barm cake with melted butter and black pudding
Place of origin
Region or state
Lancashire, North West England
Main ingredients
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A barm cake is a type of bun with flour on top. It has a characteristically strong flavour that comes from the traditional barm leaven made from a natural leaven with the addition of hops. However, the Barm Cake is more likely made from commercial yeast today.[citation needed]

The original barm cake is found in areas of Lancashire, North West England. In wider northern England, a similar bread roll would be known instead as a "breadbun", "breadcake", "bap", "cob" (a Midlands term), "teacake" (West Yorkshire/some parts of Cumbria; without currants or currant teacake with currants) or even (in the enlarged form of Tyneside) a "stotty".

Chips are a popular filling, sold in most fish and chip shops in the North West of England often called simply a 'chip barm'.[1] Another popular filling in the North West, particularly Bolton, is the pasty barm.[2] Likewise in Wigan pies are a popular filling, as eaten by TV's Jamie Foster.

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