Barn Bluff

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Barn Bluff
Barn Bluff from Waterfall Valley.jpg
Barn Bluff from Waterfall Valley
Elevation 1,559 m (5,115 ft)AHD[1]
Location Tasmania, Australia
Range Cradle Cirque - Bluff Cirque
Coordinates 41°43′26.62″S 145°55′22.95″E / 41.7240611°S 145.9230417°E / -41.7240611; 145.9230417Coordinates: 41°43′26.62″S 145°55′22.95″E / 41.7240611°S 145.9230417°E / -41.7240611; 145.9230417

Barn Bluff is a mountain located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in the Central Highlands of Tasmania at the junction of the eastern most points of the Murchison River and Mackintosh River river catchments

At 1559 metres it is the fourth highest mountain in Tasmania, exceeding the height of the more famous Cradle Mountain by 14 metres.

It is frequently snow-covered, sometimes even in summer. This mountain is a major feature of the national park because it is visible from most areas and stands on its own, well away from other peaks. It is a popular venue for bushwalkers and mountain climbers.

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