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Not to be confused with the American television series Barney & Friends.
Voices of Tim Brooke-Taylor
Harry Enfield
Jan Ravens
Enn Reitel
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Original channel CBBC
Original run 20 December 1988 (20 December 1988) – 26 April 1989 (26 April 1989)

Barney is a short-lived British Children's BBC television programme centered on the main characters Barney and Roger. Despite attracting a cult following in the UK, it was considered a relative commercial failure and the show only lasted one series.


  • Barney: (Voiced by Tim Brooke-Taylor) An Old English Sheepdog called who has many adventures with best friend Roger.
  • Roger: (Voiced by Harry Enfield) A mouse who is constantly seeking fame and fortune and always living on the top of Barney's head inside his hair.
  • Desmond: (Voiced by Harry Enfield) An Afghan dog friend with sunglasses that talks in a Michael Caine-ish tone of voice who is head of the TV house.
  • Corneila: (Voiced by Jan Ravens) a lovely lady chihuahua who sometimes isn't very keen on Barney's attitude.
  • Mr Prophet: (Voiced by Enn Reitel) a Spaniel who sometimes has a depressed attitude but is usually cheerful.
  • Lost and Found: Two Dalmatian puppies who were found on Christmas Eve by Barney and were given to Mr Prophet as a Christmas present.


Episode Title Original airdate Production number
1 "Barney's Christmas Surprise" 21 December 1988
Two puppies Lost and Found turn up at Barney's doorstep and become the best Christmas present for Mr Prophet.
2 "Barney Gets into Mischief" 8 February 1989
Barney and his friends go to the fair, but Barney runs into trouble with a hot air balloon.
3 "Barney's Hungry Day" 15 February 1989
Barney goes on a diet, but Roger shows him the weighing scale is broken.
4 "Barney's Treasure Hunt" 22 February 1989
Barney attempts at gardening ruin the garden, while Roger works on his own planting.
5 "Barney's Forgotten Birthday" 1 March 1989
Barney thinks everyone's forgotten his birthday, until Roger gives him a real surprise.
6 "Barney Nabs a Crook" 8 March 1989
Barney and Roger blame each other for an empty fridge, but a detective reveals Barney ate all the food sleepwalking.
7 "Barney's TV Act" 22 March 1989
Barney goes to London to become a TV star, but Roger becomes the star instead.
8 "Barney's Big Spring Clean" 15 March 1989
Barney does spring cleaning in his house, but ends up cleaning Roger's home instead.
9 "Barney the TV Director" 29 March 1989
Barney wants to be involved in a TV Show at Corneila's house, but his interruptions anger Desmond.
10 "Barney's Winter Holiday" 5 April 1989
Barney has trouble skiing until a dog called Mitzi helps him and they win a prize.
11 "Barney Goes to the Seaside" 12 April 1989
On a trip to the seaside, Barney and his friends annoy each other and quickly make up.
12 "Barney on TV" 26 April 1989
Barney gets a new job in the TV Studio as a stage assistant, which proves to be exhausting.
13 "Barney Gets a Visitor" 19 April 1989
Byron pays a visit to Barney, but Byron eats him out of house and home. Roger takes care of the problem.

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