Barney (TV series)

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Not to be confused with the American television series Barney & Friends.
Format Animated
Voices of Tim Brooke-Taylor
Harry Enfield
Jan Ravens
Enn Reitel
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Original channel CBBC
Original run 20 December 1988 (20 December 1988) – 26 April 1989 (26 April 1989)

Barney is a short-lived CBBC television programme about an Old English Sheepdog called Barney who has many adventures with best friend Roger the mouse who is constantly seeking fame and fortune and always living on the top of Barney's head inside his hair. Despite attracting a cult following in the UK, it was considered a relative commercial failure and canceled after its first series.

Dog friends and pap[edit]

  • Desmond: an Afghan dog friend with sunglasses that talks in a Michael Caine-ish tone of voice who is head of the TV house who once got very cross with Barney when he got on the TV act in his garden.
  • Corneila: a lovely lady chihuahua who sometimes isn't very keen on Barney's attitude.
  • Mr Prophet: a Spaniel who sometimes has a depressed attitude but is usually cheerful.
  • Lost and Found: Two Dalmatian puppies who were found on Christmas Eve by Barney and were given to Mr Prophet as a Christmas present. They now live with Mr Prophet.


Barney: Tim Brooke-Taylor

Roger/Desmond: Harry Enfield

Corneila: Jan Ravens

Narrator/Prophet: Enn Reitel


Episode Title Original airdate Production number
1 "Barney's Christmas Surprise" 21 December 1988
2 "Barney Gets into Mischief" 8 February 1989
3 "Barney's Hungry Day" 15 February 1989
4 "Barney's Treasure Hunt" 22 February 1989
5 "Barney's Forgotten Birthday" 1 March 1989
6 "Barney Nabs a Crook" 8 March 1989
7 "Barney's Big Spring Clean" 15 March 1989
8 "Barney's TV Act" 22 March 1989
9 "Barney the TV Director" 29 March 1989
Barney cannot resist helping on a live TV show with the TV centre worker. But Desmond is not too impressed when Barney dances by the lights, pronounces 'nas-tur-chums' to Corneila and finally gets chased by a very angry Desmond (of which at the end Mr Prophet, Lost and Found and Roger see them on a TV screen).
10 "Barney's Winter Holiday" 5 April 1989
11 "Barney Goes to the Seaside" 12 April 1989
12 "Barney Gets a Visitor" 19 April 1989
13 "Barney on TV" 26 April 1989
Barney is very proud of his new job in television but Mr. Prophet doubts he'll ever find fame as he sees him snoozing on the TV exhausted from all the scenery building work Desmond has given him.

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