Barometer Rising

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Barometer Rising is a Canadian novel by Hugh MacLennan. The story takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and focuses on the effects of the Halifax explosion and a romance plot in the backdrop of World War I. It is banned in most Canadian high school libraries because of the vulgarity of language.

In this novel Neil Macrae comes back from Europe after fighting alongside his uncle, Geoffrey Wain. Wain then accuses Macrae of cowardice, so Macrae returns sleep deprived and looking 10 years older. Macrae's ex-lover and cousin Penelope Wain is worried about him, although she believes he is dead, but doesn't let him get in the way of her ship designing. She's well known in the ship designing field and is becoming successful which means another beau comes along, someone stronger and better known then Macrae. This historical novel, with tints of romance is a novel for all ages 18+.