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Baron Bean comic strip by George Herriman (1917)

Baron Bean is a newspaper comic strip created by the cartoonist George Herriman.

Herriman drew his domestic comedy strip, The Dingbat Family, until 1916. From January 5, 1916 through January 22, 1919, Herriman also drew the daily Baron Bean. Herriman continued to draw other strips in addition to Krazy Kat through 1932.[1]

M. Thomas Inge took note of Herriman's interest in silent comedies and observed, "In his appearance, the Baron borrowed his cane and his facial features from Chaplin."[2] Herriman had previously drawn a similar character, Baron Mooch, in 1909-10.[3]

In 1977, the strips were collected in Baron Bean: 1916-1917 (Hyperion Press).

In 2012, IDW's "Library of American Comics" plans for 3 yearly volumes of Baron Bean in their new "LOAC: Essentials" series. The first volume came out in September 2012 and covered the year 1916, the second came out in December 2014 and covered the year 1917. The final will cover 1918 & 1919.