William McGuckin de Slane

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William McGuckin (also Mac Guckin and MacGuckin), known as Baron de Slane (Belfast, Ireland, 12 August 1801 - Paris, France, 4 August 1878) was a nineteenth-century Irish orientalist, student of Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy, (September 1758 - February 1838), a teacher also of Jean François Champollion, who was given the French nationality since 31 December 1838, being nominated Principal Interpreter of Arabic of the French Army since 1 September 1846 till his retirement on 28 March 1872 . He was born in County Antrim. He is known for his extensive translations from Arabic literature.

While in France he got promoted to the following positions:


  • Translation of Ibn Khallikan's biographical dictionary, four volumes, from 1843
  • Translation of Ibn Khaldun's Prolegomena, three volumes, 1863
  • Translation of Anonymous's El Bekri, 1065, one volume
  • Translation of Ibn Khaldun's Histoire des Berbères, Algiers 1852-1856, 4 volumes

(vol. 1, vol.2, vol. 3vol. 4)