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The title Baron Percy has been created several times in the Peerage of England. The first, in 1066 a Feudal Barony rather than a peerage, became extinct in 1299. The second, in 1299, became extinct in 1517. The third, in 1557, became extinct in 1670. The present creation was in 1722, by writ of summons.

Barons Percy, first Creation (1066)[edit]

Barons Percy (of Alnwick), second Creation (1299)[edit]

until 1527 see: Earl of Northumberland (2nd to 5th)

Barons Percy (of Alnwick), third Creation (1557)[edit]

see Earl of Northumberland, 7th – 11th

Barons Percy, fourth Creation (1722)[edit]

This barony was created by error, when the 7th Duke of Somerset was called to Parliament in the barony Percy, which was believed to have been last held by his mother, Elizabeth.