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Baron Upper Ossory was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 11 June 1541 for Barnaby Fitzpatrick. This was in pursuance of the Surrender and regrant policy of King Henry VIII of England. Under the policy, Gaelic chiefs were actively encouraged to surrender their lands to the king and then have them regranted (returned) under a royal charter if they swore loyalty to him. Those who surrendered were also expected to speak English, wear English-style dress, remain loyal to the Crown, pay a rent and follow English laws and customs, abjure the Roman Catholic Church, and convert to Henry's new Anglican Church.

Upper Ossory was the northern third of the formerly larger Kingdom of Osraige.

Barons Upper Ossory; First creation (1541)[edit]

Barons Upper Ossory; Second creation (1794)[edit]

The title was re-created on 9 August 1794 for the second Earl of Upper Ossory. On his death in 1818, both titles became extinct.

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