Baroque Hoedown

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For the 1982 psychedelic pop music record by the same name, see The Three O'Clock (band).

"Baroque Hoedown" was created by early Moog synthesizer pioneers (and frequent collaborators) Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley (Perrey-Kingsley) in 1967.[1] It was contained on the album Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Electronic Pop Music From Way Out. The composition was once described as being a "harpsichord gone country".

The composition later became the theme song for Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade in 1972 and all of its subsequent iterations around the world,[2] Hong Kong Disneyland's Disney Paint the Night parade, and for a time, Walt Disney World's Electrical Water Pageant. It was also incorporated into Disneyland's Light Magic, Disney Paint the Night Parade ,and Remember... Dreams Come True as a tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade.


The "Baroque Hoedown" melody is used in many songs, including:


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