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Barot caste is also known as Brahmkshatriya,Rao. Barots has very rich history in Ancient Indian politics. They were allotted with very high positions in King's court. Barots categorized as per their work in Ancient history. They worked as king's Adviser, Poet, Vahivanchas.

Traditionally, Vahivanchas came to the house of the person or family to whom a son was born, whose genealogy they were to maintain. The name of new born baby was then noted in their books and they were rewarded handsomely by the family headman. This reward was one of their sources of income besides the income they generated from their occupation as bard or singer for Kings and Royal families, Thakur, Darbar, by whom they were patronized. Many of them also used to get minor land grants as gifts from them.

One of the famous Barot in History of India is Chand Barot, a Brahmkshatriya the court poet of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who composed, the epic Prithviraj Raso.

Barot is a commonly found surname in Gujarat and to some extent in Rajasthan in India. This surname has its root in this occupation based caste of Barot.

Present Circumstances[edit]

At present, the traditional occupation (Vahivanchas or genealogists) of Barots is on verge of extinction. As the new generation of the casts/communities for whom they worked as Barots, no longer patronize them. Further, the young generation of Barots, also have got themselves involved in other occupation and businesses and higher studies.