Barra de Santo Antônio

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State: Alagoas
Metropolitan Region: Maceio
Founded: 1960
Area: 138.6 km²
Population: 13,386 (2004)
Population density: 96.58/km²
Elevation: Atlantic Ocean
10 m
Postal code: 57930-xxx

Coordinates: 09°24′18″S 35°30′25″W / 9.40500°S 35.50694°W / -9.40500; -35.50694 Barra de Santo Antônio (latter part Portuguese for "Saint Anthony") is a municipality in the state of Alagoas in Brazil. The population in 2005 is 13,812 and the area is 138.6 km². The elevation is 10 m. It is located on a highway linking Natal to Maceió.

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