Barrack Street Jetty

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Barrack Street Jetty
Transperth Barrack Street Jetty.jpg
Transperth Ferry
Street Barrack Square, Barrack Street, Riverside Drive
Suburb Perth
Fare zone 1, FTZ
Public telephones Yes
Public toilets Yes

Barrack Street Jetty, is one of the Transperth jetties, located on the edge of Perth Water on the Swan River in Perth in Western Australia.

On the southern edge of the Perth CBD, it is next to the Swan Bells. The Transperth jetty is located at pier 4 of Barrack Square.

Historically, it has been a significant location on Perth Waterfront.[1][2] The first jetty built on the site was known as King Cole's Jetty and Cole's Jetty, named after Henry Laroche Cole, the first chairman of the Perth City Council.[3]

Ferry services[edit]

Currently there is only one route servicing the Barrack Street Jetty. Historically there have also been services to Coode Street jetty.

Ferry Route Destination / Description
[99999] Barrack Street Jetty
to Mends Street

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