Barral of Baux

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Barral of Baux (died 1268) was Viscount of Marseilles and Lord of Baux. He was the son of Hugh III of Baux, Viscount of Marseilles, and Barrale.

Barral came to oppose the Albigensian Crusade, and invaded the Comtat Venaissin in 1234 in support of Raymond VII of Toulouse. He also joined the Provençal rebellion against Charles of Anjou in 1247. Forced to surrender to Charles in June 1251, he became a supporter of Charles, and helped suppress the rebellion in 1262.

For his support of Charles, he was made Grand Justiciar of Sicily, and died in 1268. He was succeeded as Lord of Baux by his son Bertran.

He married Sibylle d'Anduze (d. aft. 9 June 1279) and had five children:

  1. Hugh (d. c. 1251)
  2. Bertran III of Baux (d. 1304/05), Count of Avellino and Lord of Baux, married firstly c. 1244 Philippa (d. aft. 1263), daughter of Aymar II, Count of Valentinois, married secondly bef. 20 April 1277 Philippa (d. c. 1283), daughter of Aymar III, Count of Valentinois, married thirdly Agathe de Mevouillon, Lady of Caromb
  3. Marquise (d. c. 1279), married c. 1256 Henry II, Count of Rodez (d. 1304)
  4. Cecile, called "Passerose" (d. 1275), married 1244 Amadeus IV of Savoy
  5. Marguerite