Barrhead Branch

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Barrhead Branch
Locale Scotland
Successor Glasgow & South Western Railway
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Headquarters Glasgow
Paisley Canal Line
Paisley West
Corsebar Junction
Meiklerigs Junction
Potterhill Junction
Paisley Canal Line
Paisley and Barrhead
District Railway
Gleniffer Goods Depot
Paisley and Barrhead
District Railway
Glasgow, Barrhead and
Kilmarnock Joint Railway
Barrhead (New)
Barrhead Central
Paisley and Barrhead
District Railway
Glasgow, Barrhead and
Kilmarnock Joint Railway

The Barrhead Branch was a short lived branch line of the Glasgow and South Western Railway in Scotland that connected the G&SWR Paisley Canal Branch to the G&SWR / CR Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway.


1923 map of central Barrhead showing the railway lines

The line opened on 1 June 1886.[1] Passenger services ceased between Barrhead and Potterhill in 1913. After Potterhill closed to passengers on 1 January 1917,[2] freight trains continued to use the line for some time, including trains delivering to the nearby Cadbury's Depot until the late 1960s.[3] The line closed on 2 March 1970.[4][5]

There was one passenger train after 1917; a rail tour operated by the Stephenson Locomotive Society on 1 September 1951. [6] [7] The train started at Paisley East Goods on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway at Cecil Street and made its way to Barrhead South. It then travelled, via Elderslie and Johnstone to Paisley West, and from there to the goods station at Gleniffer Depot on the Barrhead Branch. On the return journey, the train called at Paisley for some of the passengers to alight, and then continued to St Enoch railway station.[8]

Description of route[edit]

The line started at Paisley West railway station. There was only one intermediate railway station at Potterhill and a short branch to Gleniffer Goods Depot that served Glenfield works (Fulton Textile Mills) which closed in 1966.[3] A very large stone bridge, still visible today was built where the branch crossed the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway near Caplethill Road, Paisley.[9] It had a terminus independent of the Caledonian Railway at Barrhead Central. It is possible to follow the route of the former railway from Paisley West to Potterhill on the current online Ordnance Survey map by entering grid reference NS479627.[10]

Connections with other lines[edit]

There was no connection with Paisley and Barrhead District Railway which was routed close by with several bridges over the G&SW Barrhead Branch.



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