Barricade (2012 film)

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Barricade 2012 cover.jpg
Directed by Andrew Currie
Produced by Michael Pavone
Written by Michaelbrent Collings
Starring Eric McCormack
Jody Thompson
Conner Dwelly
Ryan Grantham
Donnelly Rhodes
Dallas Blake
Music by Trevor Morris
Cinematography Robert Aschmann
Edited by Peter Forslund
WWE Studios
(Barricade Productions, Inc.)
Distributed by WWE Studios
Release dates
  • September 25, 2012 (2012-09-25)
Running time 82 Minutes
Language English

Barricade is a 2012 action thriller directed by Andrew Currie. The film stars Eric McCormack. The film was released on September 9, 2012. It is the first film entirely produced by WWE Studiosto not feature a wrestler in any role.


A father goes out on vacation with his two kids for some bonding time after the death of their mother. They meet a nice old man named Howes who lent them the key to the father and the late mothers old cabin. As the widower and children lived in the cabin, turns out there is going to be a blizzard. The family becomes sick, the illness causes the father to hallucinate that his children often go missing and that there is a invisible entity in the cabin with them.

Everything is all madness, thrills and flashbacks about the father's wife until the father goes up to the attic to find Howes tied up and telling him the Blizzard was already over.

The father could't believe it , runs to his kids in the bedroom to find them dead because of the illness and not being sent to a doctor in time. He mourns over his children's death, and whispered he couldn't save them. But he hears his dead wife's voice that he did save them and the father begins to remember how he took care of his kids trying.



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