Barrington High School (Barrington, Rhode Island)

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Barrington High School
220 Lincoln Avenue
Barrington, Rhode Island 02806

United States
Principal Joseph Hurley
Grades 9–12
Enrollment Approx. 1100
Team name Eagles
Newspaper The Talon
Yearbook The Arrow
Alumni Phil Madeira, Brian Howe, Brett Quigley

Barrington High School is located in Barrington, Rhode Island. Its Principal is Joseph Hurley, who assumed the office following the retirement of late former principal John Gray. Barrington High School is a "Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence."


Barrington High School was established after the construction of its current building at 220 Lincoln Avenue between 1950-1959.


Test Scores[edit]

In 2009 93% of Barrington 11th graders were proficient in reading and 85% were proficient in math. In the 2007, 2008, and 2009 school years Barrington held the second highest scores behind East Greenwich High School in math and reading testing in the state.[citation needed]

Student body[edit]


The student body at Barrington High School is not diverse. 95% of students are Caucasian, 2% are Asian, 2% are Hispanic, and the remaining 1% consists of other races. [citation needed]


Barrington High School currently has around 1,100 students. The school is operating at maximum capacity and is looking to expand due to growing class sizes.


Barrington has one of the top athletic records in the state in many sports. The school offers varsity, junior varsity, and some freshmen teams in at least twenty interscholastic sports, including baseball, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, softball, cross country, swimming, field hockey, tennis, football, track and field (indoor and outdoor), golf, gymnastics, volleyball, ice hockey, and wrestling.

Notable alumni[edit]