Barrio Antiguo

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Barrio Antiguo (Old Town) is located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, next to the Governor's Palace and the Macroplaza. It is Monterrey's oldest area of town and was the heartbeat of cosmopolitan lifestyle, which included many hotels, museums, hypnotic dance clubs, international cuisine, unique architecture with inside patios and hip, artistic nightlife. The Barrio Antiguo was regarded as the center of Monterrey's nightlife before the insecurity caused by the drug cartels.


  • Antrópolis
  • Café Iguana
  • Ibex Rock Bar
  • Manaus
  • McMullen's Irish Pub
  • Monasterio
  • Neuken
  • Novum
  • Nueva Luna
  • Riviera
  • Trece Bar
  • Clandestino
  • Art Club
  • La Tumba

And many more clubs and bars.

Coordinates: 25°40′0.64″N 100°18′25.45″W / 25.6668444°N 100.3070694°W / 25.6668444; -100.3070694